Thursday, April 20, 2017

Healthy Food Tips

Eating on the road has been,to say the very least, problematic. Sometimes, I feel like all the forces in the world are conspiring to make me as unhealthy as humanly possible. To help combat this irrational food availability ... I have been​ making food and bringing it on the truck.

REALISTICALLY ON THE TRUCK I HAVE 6 CUBIC FEET TO STORE FOOD! That's every single thing that's every Cheeto, every apple, or every bottle of water that's it– 6 cubic feet. So it's vitally important to only have what I absolutely have to have on this truck

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Every time I'm home I spend 5 to 10 hours cooking food. I will wake up go to the grocery store buy everything I need to make 5 meals bring it home and cook every single thing back to back and multi-task until it is all completely cooked. One weekend I might cook lasagna, macaroni and cheese, meatloaf, chili, and bake two chickens. Then the next weekend I will cook green chile enchiladas, refried beans, Spanish rice, cornbread stuffing, and grill some chicken breast.

The key to making sure your making enough food for the truck is to make 6 to 10 servings of each meal at a time. Then, portion control the food into little bags, suck out the air and freeze them. This will stock your freezer with 6 lasagna, four servings of half chickens, excetera. You will always have a variety of food to eat and you are less likely to purchase food in a truck stop.

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Other items of food that I definitely have on the truck are little bags full of fresh vegetables usually carrots, tomatoes, and snap peas. I have fresh fruit bananas, apples, oranges, melon, or any other fruit that is in season and fresh. I'm not sure why but truck stops very rarely have organic anything so in addition to half a gallon of organic milk, I make sure and pick up some shelf-stable Horizon Organic milk and store it under the truck.

If you're a trucker than you know nothing ever goes perfectly right in the industry but one thing I can make sure is that I always have something that's healthy fresh and organic to eat everyday.


One soda at a truck-stop is approximately $2.25 depending on if they're going to rob you on soda this week or if they're going to rob you on chips. So to keep my costs down, I buy all my soda on sale and stick it in the side compartment. That way I can buy a six-pack for $2.50 to $3.50 depending on the sales in town. But, of course this is not me eating healthy.

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