Sunday, October 9, 2016

Private CDL vs. Company Sponsored School

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There are so many questions we are working through as we embark upon our next great adventure! 

What kind of CDL do I need? Where should I go to school? How much money am I going to really make? What is a good company to work for? Do I want to be in a truck with my spouse all the time?

After many weeks of research, we have decided to private pay for our school. We can sum this decision up in one word. #Options

Guaranteed Job vs. Marketable CDL with options

When you attend a company sponsored school, you are often stuck in a contract paying you very little per mile. The company is happy to write off your CDL school tuition after a predetermined and often lengthy time. Leaving one of these contracts can also prove tricky and your license can be put into jeopardy if you do not pay off your school or fulfill your agreed to contracted time.

The company sponsored schools run a great game. They hire recruiters that only have three things to tell you...1)This is the company for you 2)This is the standard industry pay and 3)Earn money while you learn. If you ask them a specific company question, they are quick to direct you to a company website that is more propaganda. 

You only have to stop by to see that there is plenty of undesirable trucking situations out there.

Paying for your own school gives you options. With an unencumbered CDL, you can work ANYWHERE you want to! Most companies want you to have some experience but are willing to take a chance on a new driver from a reputable school. So take your time to pick the best school for you.

Reputable schools spend time developing relationships with local companies willing to hire new CDL truckers. A direct referral to a local company can earn you much more per mile which adds up quickly running 4500-6000 miles per week with your partner. 

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