Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Big Goodbye

"I would say that the leaving was coming for a long time... Maybe. I look back now and see that there were so many times I should have left but I thought about my responsibilities and I found myself staying because cancer is expensive and so is college," he said.

Wow...I felt like crying. For years, I watched my husband take on more and more responsibility with minimal compensation and much complaint. Not his complaining but other people. The people. The ones that can make or break his career sitting back watching while he worked his @ss off and they benefited from ALL of his hard work. I would say they were the problem, but the truth is we were conditioned to work hard. To exchange time for money.... Then, we had a mindset shift and set ourselves free.

In order to really appreciate this blog, you have to agree with this one thing... To your company you are a person sitting in a place doing a job and when you go, you will be replaced with another person doing that job and the company will go on. But to your family you are everything. EVERYTHING!

So to exchange time at work instead of building meaningful relationships with your family and memories with your kids is crazy.

Our first Thanksgiving in Seattle was attended by my brother who is living in his passion. His family was enjoying the week spending time enjoying the local sites. Thankfully the team was playing out of town so my husband was able to join us. One day we went down to the stadium and the kids got a tour and stood on the field.

For my nephews, it was surreal to stand where national champions played. These players followed their passion to the apex. After the photos, my brother asked my kid what she wanted to do in college. She was pretty vague which shocked him because she was a senior at the time. Then he gave her the same look my dad give me a hundred times.

Later that night, my brother was talking to the kids.... He was giving my kid a hard time about not knowing what she wanted to study in school. I intervened with, "It's not that she doesn't know... It's that she is tired of defending her choices. Because she is a top academic student, society expects her to go into a STEM field or something like that but her passion is...." This opened up a real discussion about following your passion and to never be afraid of what you want. To never be silenced about your passion because the people don't live your dreams you do.

To set yourself free, you have to know what your passion is... For a long time, I thought my passion was teaching. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE TEACHING. I really did until I helped a friend get out of a jam. She really needed a technical writer to help with her business. "Just a few articles," she said. But, I was hooked. I enjoy talking to people taking their story and making it come alive. #Writing is my passion. Absolutely, without question.

My husband has always wanted to be a trucker. I am not sure why, but it has been something he asked about since the Phoenix days. We did copious amounts of research, then we pulled the trigger. I can hear you now, "How does that get you to #YourTruckingLife?" This blog. REALRelevant. Unfiltered. Trucker Advice. Here... This blog is how I get there....

The second my husband, the father of my children and best friend, made his decision to leave his corporate operations manager job, I was there cheering him on. His biggest cheerleader for years was supporting him as he made one of the biggest steps in faith of our 21 years of marriage. Was I scared? Yes, I was scared...terrified. With a large mortgage, a child in college, and a house full of half paid materialistic BS, I said #YesPlease. And I don't regret a minute of what happened since.

This blog is that story... Thank you for joining our journey.

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